Nigel Wallace Exhibition at Creake Abbey Cake ‘White One Sugar’ – April 5th to June 20th

Exhibition ‘White One Sugar’ – Vintage Style Travel Posters by Nigel Wallace

Nigel started drawing this style of artwork about ten years ago and added Norfolk to his collection around five years ago. Little did he realise that the visits he made to Norfolk in the interests of research, would see the county become one of his favourite places to be – many a holiday has been taken to explore the beautiful places that have become the subject of his art.

Nigel is a Kent based artist and he has drawn many pictures of his home county – but Norfolk is fast catching up! He has so many now of Norfolk that it may even be time to move there! If you’re interested in the technicalities of the work, the drawings are not produced from photographs as some people think; rather, Nigel draws them freehand onto a sketch pad, which transfers his sketches, doodles and lines on to a computer screen. The drawings are then printed using high quality ink which will keep the artwork from fading, ensuring they look good for many years to come.

Frames Artwork Prices: ‘ White One Sugar’

Large £235.00

Medium £150.00

Small £115.00