Product of the Month: The Norfolk Honey Company



Norfolk Runny Honey

Our top selling Norfolk honey and what a taste. Deliciously fragrant and bursting with the taste of Summer. Their bees forage on wild blackberries and you can really taste the fruitiness in this cracking batch of honey. Try it drizzled over your banana’s and bran flakes or stirred into your morning porridge. Perfect for sweetening your fruit tea we think this is a winner!

Norfolk Set Honey

Norfolk Set Honey is a multifloral honey produced in the late Summer of last year. They gently warm the set honey to produce a silky smooth creamed honey which is perfect for spreading without the fear of dripping it all down your best top or onto the carpet! Try it spread thickly on fresh white toast, we think it’s a perfect combination.

Norfolk Raw Honey

Additional time is spent producing their raw honey by using cold extraction methods that involve no heat treatment of the honey at all. It is then passed through a course sieve to remove the larger pieces of debris before being poured straight into the jars. This helps to retain all of the natural goodness contained within. Our current batch of Raw honey has been produced by bees in Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich.

Come in and ask for a sample, we stock them all!